We believe that quality advice is rare and capital is increasingly commoditized. The value of a true, strategic partner to family-held and founder-led businesses has never been greater. We seek to be that partner.

Our Principles

We value great businesses, but more importantly, great people.

We have tremendous respect for business builders, but even greater respect for leaders whose personal reputations exceed their professional accomplishments. We know that our reputation is what matters most, and we strive to align ourselves with great people first and great businesses second.

We believe in the power of a few versus the potential of many.

We do not invest in many business in the hope that a few big successes offset the failures to generate a strong average outcome. We do not think in averages. Every relationship matters to us, and we concentrate our efforts on a small number of partners to ensure our collective success.

We are patient in our approach, but relentless in our execution.

We are disciplined, thoughtful partners with a long-term view. We believe strongly in working hard every day and doing whatever it takes to drive value for our portfolio companies.

We leverage our strengths as individuals but aim for success as a team.

We provide unique capabilities and perspectives. But we recognize that we are far more effective working together than we are alone, and a team-oriented approach pervades all that we do.

Industry Expertise

Business Services

Consumer & Retail